Marwol Metal Scrap Services

Standard Services
Marwol Metals provides scrap roll-off or lugger containers to be kept outside your plant. In many situations, we provide lids for the scrap containers to eliminate theft of your scrap material. Hoppers are provided for use inside your plant to facilitate loading the scrap to the outside equipment. We identify methods of safely handling and sorting your material. We provide as many hoppers as necessary to maximize the efficiency of transporting the scrap to the proper container. We can also safely remove your obsolete machinery. Whether it is your routine production scrap, occasional plant clean-up, or removal of obsolete machinery, the trucking schedule will be customized to meet your needs.

With Marwol Metals you will get:

  • On time payment every month.
  • Reliable, responsive communications between your staff and ours.
  • Reliable, responsive trucking services.
  • Long term relationships with satisfied customers.

Plant Clean-Outs
Marwol Metals can safely remove unserviceable heavy machinery and equipment. We provide experienced personnel to sort and remove scrap metal from plant clean-out operations. The value of the scrap metal is enhanced at the source of origination, providing you the maximum return for your property. Marwol Metals only works with fully insured experienced rigging crews and trucking services.

Scrap Management Services
The goal in our Scrap Management Program is to maximize the amount paid for your business' scrap metals. We perform an analysis of the existing scrap program including the types and volume of scrap, the existing handling methods, and the existing price and freight rates. Our recommendations can improve each phase of your process. Marwol Metals oversees the bidding and awarding of contracts as well as the monitoring of the program. To insure no conflict of interest, Marwol does not bid on the purchase of scrap when conducting a scrap management program.

Whether you are disposing of regular production scrap metals or you are cleaning out obsolete and surplus parts and equipment, we offer pick-up services customized to meet your needs.

Contact us at 248.356.3444 or email for more information.

We Buy:

  • Stainless steel scrap metals
  • Ferrous scrap metals
  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous scrap metals
  • High temperature alloys
  • Obsolete machinery
  • Plant clean-outs

You Get:

  • High prices for scrap metal, on-time prompt payment
  • Outside roll-off or lugger boxes
  • Inside dump hoppers
  • Reliable, responsive trucking services
  • Responsive communications from Marwol Metals